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Market Drayton Community Amateur Sports Club (casc)

You might expect a boxing club to be a hard place – somewhere you’d steer away from, unless you were really tough! Well, certainly in the case of Market Drayton’s very own boxing club, you’d be completely wrong. This is a boxing club at the heart of the community and one which has the community at its heart.

At the top of the club’s agenda is the welfare of its members. Physical fitness is naturally a major goal, but good mental health, freedom from anxiety, and growth of self confidence are just as important. Chris Blase is the Head Coach. He is passionate about the sport and about the club which he runs. He uses his role to engage in anti-bullying outreach programmes and to recruit ‘difficult’ youngsters to the discipline, admitting that he was once ‘difficult’ himself. “We are the prevention team” says Chris, “We go out to schools, and mentor in the toughest parts of society” He is forthright about the value of boxing to both the bullied and anyone who might be tempted to be a bully. To put it simply the club has mentor-ship in spades.

Boxing Club

Women’s boxing is growing fast, and Market Drayton Boxing Club has a strong female membership. Beck and Dee coach alongside Chris. Both are experienced amateur boxers, mentors, and inspirational leaders who can draw out the best – especially in young people. The club is open to everyone – ages range from 5 to over 60! And just to be clear: you don’t have to have had a difficult background to get the same benefit from the sport. The training is hard and whoever you are, you’ll be challenged in a positive way that supports growth and good health. Training is available 6 days a week, but don’t expect to join the club and start sparring straight away. There is a procedure: You will have to be registered with England Boxing, and have undergone an approved England Boxing medical. Then you must demonstrate familiarity and adherence to club and safety rules, as well as the right level of fitness. The coaches will make sure you are clued up on footwork, defence, and a short selection of boxing moves and responses before you are allowed to get in the ring to spar. And by that time the training should have ensured you have the required level of cardio fitness. Chris adds: ‘You can benefit from the great fitness regime without having to do any boxing at all – the club is open to everybody.’



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