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OUR CAMPAIGN FOR VIBRANCY — Some of us feel lost, and with a lack of purpose as we wander down the main arteries core parts, in the centre of the town’s communities.

Trapped in a flâneur type bubble, floating from one trader to the next, we lose sight of what communities are around us. Our heads are buoyed somewhere in the clouds and we are distracted on our smart-phones; tunnel vision takes its form, and we miss out on the most glaringly obvious and unexpected partnerships!

Lots of communities, various charity and religious groups (which includes the church) have secured significant monies to help project their voice to higher levels. This support is extended to varying volunteer programmes, community interest groups and art-spaces.

In Market Drayton, we are fully versed/equipped to dealing with developing areas of the town through community-projects, and networking-facilities.

We are currently engaging well with a transitioning workplace, as an economic-community driving force. This is anticipated to kickstart local autonomy, some form of long-term sustainability which will help channel/engage the town’s creativity for both communities and business. With local entrepreneurism, we hope to drive a wedge, or significant mark when reidentifying and ferreting-out the new demographics of Shropshire Tourism – securing Market Drayton a place on the map. –

In turn, with the backing of hardworking individuals with an intent to accomplish a shared goal, we can shop-local, and invest in shared concerns, raising/furthering opportunities for the people who live in this sound place!



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