Cheswardine Litter Heroes


There is no end to news stories raising awareness about the problem of litter pollution and the damage it causes.

Residents in Cheswardine, enjoying local walks during the pandemic, noticed an increase in the amount of litter blighting the streets and green spaces and decided to take action. ‘Cheswardine Litter Heroes’ was formed.

With over 25 residents now regularly undertaking litter picks, either individually or in pairs, in and around the village. The amount of litter collected has shocked everyone involved, with around 100 bin bags full of rubbish collected in less than a month. Residents have noticed that most litter is cans and bottles and that many seem to be thrown out of passing cars. However, the most disgusting sight reported is dog poo bags hung on trees or fences! These are not only an eyesore but also a health hazard.

Cheswardine Litter Heroes are ordinary local people who are willing to volunteer to make a real difference in their community. Their enthusiasm and passion for action is helping to improve the local environment, making Cheswardine a great litter free place for everyone.

Judith Kershaw



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