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Jive Talkin'

Jive Talkin’

Re-arranged from 20th March 2020 — Jive Talkin’ were due to be at the Festival Drayton Centre

Dolly Show

The Dolly Show

The Dolly Show performs at Tern Hill Hall, Market Drayton, on 27 February 2021. The world’s no

Champagne and Oyster Tasting

Champagne and Oyster Tasting

We have had so many requests for another champagne and oyster tasting so… here it is!
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Beauty and Beast

Beauty and the Beast (outdoor family theatre)

This enchanting production promises to be fast-paced, family-friendly and fun so prepare to be amazed and amused as IKP give this tale of adventure and acceptance their trademark ‘bonkers’ treatment.

In Bloom ap.

Market Drayton, ‘In Bloom!’

Market Drayton Town Council Garden Competition ‘In Bloom’ encourages the community, residents, and allotments to get involved in horticulture and community projects for the benefit of residents and visitors to the town.

Fiver Fest

Fiver Fest is a big celebration of the small businesses and shops that make up the high streets and communities across the UK that make our towns special.